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ÉCONOMUSÉE® BC Artisans at Work
Region of Operation: British Columbia / national
Telephone: 604-732-3534
Fax: 604-732-3516
E-mail: lplourde@sdecb.com
Web Site: bc.economusee.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BC-Économusée-Artisans-at-Work-128251320523717/
Contact: Lorraine Plourde
Description: ÉCONOMUSÉE® BC Artisans at Work offers you 9 different authentic cultural experiences in B.C. Meet passionate artisans, learn about their craft in a dynamic environment that welcomes visitors. Discover about the age-old traditions used in cider-making, mead-making, beer brewing, distillery, herbology, essential oils distillation, pottery and chair-making at one of the nine Économusée® sites. Experience the ÉCONOMUSÉE® difference!



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