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A Guide for All Seasons, All Reasons

I'm happy to say that for the past fifteen years, the Canadian Tourism Resource Guide (CTRG) has become a key resource for travel agents and tour operators looking for information on new and emerging Canadian tourism products and services.

Guide users will find product and contact information on suppliers in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, British Columbia, the North, as well as details on such specialty areas as Canada's national parks and historic sites, gardens, Acadia, rail travel, and motor coach operators.

In gathering this information together in a single source, our goal has been to showcase the rich array of travel and tourism product that is available in Canada and to connect tour operators and travel agents in Canada and around the world to the people developing these programs.

In a competitive world, it's all about getting that edge, and we believe that the easy-to-use Canadian Tourism Resource Guide can provide that edge.

For more than three decades, Baxter Travel Media has been providing Canadian travel agents, tour operators, airlines, hoteliers, tourist boards, car rental companies, and other members of the travel trade with news and information designed to help them to effectively and efficiently run their businesses.

Access to information has always been critical in the travel industry, particularly for those competing
to get their message to tour operators and travel agents.

In today's competitive marketplace, being top-of-mind with the people who package and distribute the products that consumers are demanding is the fast track to success. And we believe the Canadian Tourism Resource Guide can help you achieve that.

David McClung
President, Baxter Travel Media

Baxter Travel Media